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    The ultimate kids christmas themed party!

Bring the festive atmosphere to your chosen venue with our christmas themed disco setup and get invloved with our newly designed themed games and competitions which will provide smiles and memories for everyone.


You can bring your own Santa our hire ours, we will make his entrance extra exciting to make the children's day extra magical!


Every party comes with a snow machine suitable for all venues and won't cause any mess. A fantastic effect the children will love!





AGES - 4 - 11




DISCO SETUP TIME - 60 minutes






10 - 20 Children £275

20 - 30 Children £299

30 - 40 Children £325

Deposit £50

Fuel Charge

60p per mile

Only applicable if 10 miles outside of OX13 6SZ

For more info, availbility or general enquiries please use the form below

For more info, availbility or general enquiries please use the form below

Thank you for your enquiry

What's included?





*DJ & Entertainer (Insured and DBS checked)


*Christmas cardboard cutouts


*Sweets, Prizes, themed certificates and medals


*Fun original christmas themed games & competitions


*Props for games and competitions


*Customised music playlist & themed music


*Amazing professional Ice themed disco setup


*High quality RCF speaker system


*DJ booth


*Powerful led lighting


*UV cannon


*3D laser


*Smoke machine (venue permitting)


*Foam machine


Optional Extra's







*Futuristic Mirror Balls - £25 for 2         more info


*Large Bubble Machine - £15                 more info


*Foam Machine - £15                              more info


*Filled Party Bags - £1 each                   more info


*Inflatable Instruments - £2 each           more info


*Glow Sticks - £1 each                         


*Glow Necklaces - 50p each                    


*Glow Shutter Shades - £2 each           


*Glow Whistles - 50p each          

Disco Dan children's entertainer
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